SATC 2: The Ladies, 12 Years Later

Fresh from reuniting with the ladies of SATC 2, I’m left thinking about development. Through the nonsensical plot of the movie, what resonated with me was how far or how little these women have come since the show first started 12 years ago.

Samantha has accepted her non-traditional decision to be alone, is at the climax of her career and going through menopause. She has always been the wisest and most supportive (never abandoning the girls and always running to help out one of the girls) of the bunch despite her frivolous behavior. She’s brave, outspoken, and true which is all proven when she brazenly flashes condoms and the middle finger in the middle of a market in Abu Dhabi during the high prayer.

Miranda is finally fun. She’s quit her job and managed to create a balance between work, family, and being the truly relaxed person that she is capable of being. She has made many transitions and is finally accepting and comfortable with life.

Charlotte finally has all she ever wanted but realizes that all she’s asked for is as difficult to manage as it was to get there. We finally see her breakout her shell and struggle through the idyllic life that she leads. She’s mature and yet fragile. She breaks through her obligations and her rules about love, marriage, and babies realizing that there is truly no perfectly ever after and that she is more than her husband, children, and Park Avenue apartment.

Carrie on the otherhand is still confused and coddled by her friends and the men in her life. Her struggle to maintain the “sparkle” in her marriage to Mr. Big and her slip up with past love Aidan show us that she hasn’t come far from that young woman running around in Manolo’s looking for love. Carrie continues to be dissatisfied with everything that life has given her and is still wrestling with her relationship angst and as always everyone is there to save her. Could it be that unlike her three other girlfriends, Carrie has not really struggled? She hasn’t had to go through divorce, cancer, sick in-laws, nor infertility. She’s only had to focus on Carrie and her perpetual struggle for Mr. Big. Not to say that men and love aren’t elusive and difficult problems, but there is more to life, isn’t there?

Unfortunately without struggle and tragedy we cannot really develop. When we focus all of our attention and identify ourselves by our relationships and not by our individuality and personal problems we can never truly grow and that is where our dear Ms. Bradshaw (Mrs. Preston) is lacking. Plagued at 47 with the problems of 25. Problems that at 25 many of us have surpassed. It seems that out of all the characters she’s the one that has least changed.

So, I say although love is important, it is even more important that we look into ourselves and our life experiences so that at 50 we won’t be in the same place we were at 25. And if love is our experience then we need to learn from it so that we never commit those mistakes again. Life is about growing and we look our best when we’re wiser, and comfortable in our skins. So no matter how fabolous you look on the outside unless you get it together in the inside those hot Manolo’s will do nothing for you.



4 thoughts on “SATC 2: The Ladies, 12 Years Later

  1. Hi InternetDrama,

    Great post, you really nailed it at summing up the girls now. I just saw the movie last night, and I can’t help but admitting it, but I found Carrie in the movie a little bratty. You’re right, she does not seem to have changed much since the first few episodes.

    Please dear god do not let me or my fabulous friends be dealing with the same stuff at 50 that we had to deal with in our 20s and 30s!

  2. Thanks! I came into the theater with such high hopes and despite the movie itself having some cringe-worthy moments what really took the cake was Carrie’s immaturity. I wonder why the writers of SATC never make Carrie really grow up I mean the girl “cheats” on her husband and the gets a black diamond? When Charlotte pressured Harry about marriage she gotten temporarily cut off and Steve always put Miranda in her place. . . .I don’t know about this one.

  3. The Mr. Big thing never settled well with me either. He was controlling, yet completely passive about things, especially when it came to marriage. And I can’t believe all the things Carrie got away with and didn’t even blink an eye through. Cheating on someone else’s husband, and then causing the wife catching you to break her tooth, and then you think she’ll forgive you? Of course not. That was the definition to me why Carrie is a stunted character, she never seemed to learn from any lessons and ended up whining about it in the end for someone to save her.

    1. Agreed! And this was solidified in the second movie when Mr. Big bought her a black diamond when he finds out she kissed Aidan but then again if Carrie would’ve learned her lesson then she wouldn’t have married Mr. Big. . .

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