Why Men Don’t Choose “The Good Woman”? Part 3

Good women want a good man, bad women want any man. the problem is that bad women are capable of anything to get what they want and good women draw a line that they refuse to cross for possible love. The thing I as a man admire about good women is the fact that they refuse to compromise they morals for the sake of promised love. The thing I love about bad women is that they have no morals to begin with.

Because of this difference in these two types of women, men are allowed to take care of their physical needs while waiting to reach the maturity point where we obtain the patience to seek out a very good woman, a mate for life, the future mother of our children. This is what men in our society call sowing our wild oats!

Sometimes this means that good women are left on the sidelines while bad women have more than their fair share of available men. It’s not that men aren’t attracted to good women, we all swear that this is what we want but generally speaking we simply do not possess the patience until later in life to purse one.

Good women do not want to be another notch on some mans bed post. They have too much respect for themselves to allow this to happen and I for one respect that. My wife had a total of three men in her life before I met her, I on the other hand, had many times dated three women at once for months on end.

Even though we don’t chose good women as often we all have the same plan for the future, that being to end up with one. We want the good woman to be our life partners, the ones we introduce to our mothers and we want to grow old with them while our grand kids play at our feet.

However, what most men do not want is to meet a good woman too soon in life. That’s why we make all of these excuses about why we are not ready to get married. We use excuses such as needing to finish our education, we don’t make enough money, we want to own a home first or my favorite excuse, we’re not ready for the responsibility. All of these are simply excuses to continue to play around with the landmines in life known as bad women.

All of us know men whom have stepped on these landmines and the results can be catastrophic. There is nothing more life altering than to become a father to a child with a woman you are not married to and simply cannot stand. Equally as distressful is to end up on a police blotter because of a domestic dispute because you came home early and discovered you’re not the only man in her life. Unfortunately I’ve known a few men whom have had to make trips to the local clinic because of the bad woman in their lives and their promiscuity. Selecting a bad woman is hazardous duty to say the least. However, just like women selecting bad men.  This is why once its over we simply replace a bad woman or man with one just as bad for our next relationship.

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4 thoughts on “Why Men Don’t Choose “The Good Woman”? Part 3

  1. We always get put on the sidelines, for woman that are willing to do anything with many different men. It seems like all I meet are men that want to sow there wild oats. When they realize that I am a decent woman, they always come up with many accuses. At this point in my life, I fear if a good man does come along, because of the men I have meet in my past, I will have a very hard time trusting him.

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