Cutting Him Off

All too often we hold on to clothes, shoes, teddy bears, or people for far longer than we need to. We collect things that serve no purpose in our lives and its time has come and gone. Like that multicolored, fringed halter top sometimes certain men can make us feel and look shamefully bad and that’s when we need to clean up shop. Recently, I went from having cut off 1 person in my life to 2. It wasn’t an easy thing nor something that I necessarily wanted to do but sometimes people or let’s say in this instance guys don’t give you much of a choice.

He was trying to hurt me. After hurting me several times, trying to salvage it and then  several cordial attempts to cut ties, Mr. Wants to Play Games and Attempt to Destroy My Sanity would not leave me alone. My phone was flashing with weekly phone calls, and texts with weak statements like, ” I miss you. Want to hangout?” No regard to the severity of the hurt and betrayal that he caused me and with no consideration of my request to be left alone.  Angered by the nonchalant attitude, I ignored the messages until the messages got more pressing. At that point I assumed maybe the guy needed a blood transfusion or was going to give me my money back. . . . yes, my money back.

But that wasn’t the case. I got weak apologies and “I want to start fresh and restart our connection.I laughed but almost fell for it until he, again, followed his pleas with inconsistencies. At that point I blocked him. I didn’t like that this feeling, these actions, seemed all too familiar. I refused to go back to the hurt and sadness that he had originally caused me, so I blocked him. It was either me or him; and I chose tosave myself and sacrifice him.

Through this experience, I realized that cutting someone off doesn’t mean that you are a mean and unforgiving person. It means that you’re not masochistic. If someone is consistently hurting you then he/she has no place in your life because the people that love you will not hurt you and if they do, they apologize profusely and will never do it again. If you find yourself constantly crying, feeling sad, or not being able to count on someone then he/she needs to go. This goes for boyfriends, friends, and family members because while you are shedding tears they are going right along with their lives and using you as he/she pleases. Loving yourself is not selfish what is selfish is when individuals want to use you and have no consideration for your feelings.

So, if you know that someone is hurting you, don’t be afraid to cut him/her off and you shouldn’t wait till the pain and betrayal ges unbearable. Don’t let someone get the best of you, as soon as you see the patterns of deception and evil give him/her the AXE!

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3 thoughts on “Cutting Him Off

  1. Wow, you go girl! I live by this, if someone is hurting me in my life I cut them out of it. I’ve cut so many people out of my life I could never even count all of them. The one and only people I wouldn’t cut out is my brother and my mom, but besides that if you are causing me pain you don’t need to know me. I’ve never felt harsh for doing it, it’s just my personality and how I’ve been raised to not put up with it.

    1. Thanks! It was hard but by the time I did it, I was so fed up and when a woman’s fed up. . .it’s over. Lol. But I always believed in the good in people and change but now I believe in what people are versus what they could be.

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