The Red Flag

Disclaimer: This post was suppose to post on Sunday, July 4th but working with WordPress on Blackberry gave me the false impression that it had posted although it hadn’t but nonetheless enjoy the post!

In honor of the 4th of July, I want to take time out to honor the flag. The Red Flag, that is. More often than not the wrong guys come into our lives bearing more red flags than the Communist party but for some reason we always chose to ignore these flagrant displays of trouble. Why is it that although they are right in front of us, flaring and foreboding, we ignore them? Why can’t we recognize the red flags and run away? Rapidly.


There are multiple reasons. One reason is we think we can change him. We are under the impression that if we try hard enough and like so one enough, the flags will disappear and in their place white flags of surrender will appear but that is most definitely, NOT the case. You cannot nor should you try to change anyone. When a man comes into your life and you allow him in it, then you need to accept him as is. You shouldn’t have to ask him to stop doing drugs, nor change the way he looks, nor ask him to stop his budding career as a high-end prostitute. He shouldn’t change for you and nor should he have to. Asking a man to change and making that commitment is a recipe for disaster.

Another interesting reason, is that it’s exciting! Yes, being with that wackadoodle is fun and entertaining but guess what? It’s temporary because while the bizarre behavior is currently exciting, it will eventually get old, wear you or eventually break you. And that ain’t too much fun. Excitement is temporary and can quickly turn into just plain old bad.

So, I say take the red flags seriously especially when you see them early on and full on. You’ll spare yourself getting attached to a potentially, actually a most certainly, disastrous and difficult situation which will be much harder to leave later on.

Recognize the flag!

What do you think about red flags? Should you try to turn them into white flags or do you walk away?

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6 thoughts on “The Red Flag

  1. Love the comparison here. Red flags are red for a reason for sure! I don’t think you can change them into white flags. People change on their own time. They can’t be forced to change. The real solution is to heed the warning signs before you are in too deep.

  2. Whenever I’ve had a bunch of red flags I don’t go after the relationship, though I think that every guy you meet will have some red flags, you just have to chose what color it is. Is it a red flag or maybe just a cautionary yellow color? And, the worst is when you step into that relationship, get out of it, and then get pulled back into it.

  3. Probably like stuff that you don’t really care about but could annoy you later. You find out they’re messy and you’re OCD clean, they can’t be around animals and you love animals, ect. Stuff you can deal with, that isn’t a deal breaker, but in the long run may accumulate with other stuff to turn the flag red. I hope that makes sense, it’s stuff that isn’t as huge as a RED flag that he’s married, or divorced, but little stuff you find out later.

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