10 Things Not to Do in the First 3 Months of Dating A Guy

There are certain things that I wish I hadn’t done when I started dating Mr. I want to Play Games with You, Use You and Leave You in the Dust, so I’ve compiled a list of things that I shouldn’t have done, that you shouldn’t do and I will never do again!

All of these things didn’t occur but some were asked of me and I said NO! So here we go:

1. I won’t say DON’T but I’ll say TRY NOT to have sex
2. Don’t cook for him
3. Don’t sleepover
4. Don’t co-sign a loan
5. Don’t lend him money
6. Don’t see him too often because you’ll get attached too quickly
7. Don’t buy him anything
8. Don’t tell too many people about him
9. Don’t introduce him to your friends and family just yet
10. Don’t ignore the red flags!

Are there any other things you shouldn’t do in the first 3 months of dating someone? What are your no-nos?

[image: http://www.channel4.com%5D


4 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Do in the First 3 Months of Dating A Guy

  1. Great post!
    Youch we’ve all done some of those…
    How about:
    Don’t fart/ do number 2’s in his presence… spoils the romance!
    Don’t leave him alone with your pets
    Don’t lend him your credit card
    Don’t talk about naming your unborn children!

  2. OMG! These are spot on. I just made a few of these mistakes with a guy, including loaning money (just $20, but still!), cooking for him and sleeping over (but no sex, thank God!). And he’s a game player, so making these mistakes are even more detrimental!!

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