Don’t Settle For Mr. Bum-A**

It’s funny how life works. . . I always wonder why some people get more than others despite their character and values. It often seems to me that people that lie, cheat, and wrong other people get a better deal in life. This makes me reevaluate the phrase “Good [girls]  finish last.”

I always thought it was a cliché, “feel sorry for yourself” phrase but I don’t know if that’s the case anymore; maybe there’s some truth to it after all. . .

These thoughts are sparked by the recent news that Mr. I Used You and Don’t Give a Damn about You has found “the one.” Now to be honest I don’t necessarily care that he’s moved on from me, what bothers me is that I haven’t had the opportunity to do the same.

What’s further interesting is that “the one” is a 3L with her own apartment and apparently set while Mr. Two Face works in retail earning minimum wage, lives in a house he claims he bought but really belongs to his friend and has the morals of a snake, did I mention he’s 31?

I say all this because why is it that guys get to move on before us? And why is it easy for a bum-ass like him to find a girl with ambition while it’s hard for a woman with ambition to find a man with character and drive as well?

I think it’s all related to the issue of women having to settle and men only wanting the best and the fact that society continues to tell women that they shouldn’t look for men that are their equals instead “date down.” No one is telling men to do that and honestly, I refuse to do that. Anymore.

I’ve given men with potential instead achievements more than enough chances and they’ve disappointed me. I refuse to be with someone that doesn’t share the same moral and work ethics that I have and I don’t think you should either.

I’m not saying wait around for the Prince of England but don’t settle for someone that doesn’t have as much to offer as you do. It’s important that we recognize the important attributes that make a difference in our lives. It doesn’t mean that everything is tit for tat but the reality is that if you are, actively, trying to get ahead in life and your partner is not actively doing the same nor is he supporting you in a tangible way then that’s a setback. So it’s important to be with someone that enhances your life versus holding you back.



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