They were right. Time heals.

When you suffer a heartbreak, it seems like your whole life has ended. Everything is bleak and you foresee no future, no love, and you know for certain that this pain will never go away. The suffering is eternal and you’ll never recover. Well I’m here to tell you that this time will pass and you’ll be better off eventually because you’ll be wiser and ridden of a jerk.

When my heart was broken and my chest felt as if it had cracked open and a tornado had passed through it, I saw no light. I was in so much emotional and physical pain. Everyone told me you’ll heal, it will get better in time and you won’t even remember him. The heartbreaker himself affectionately told me, “You’ll be fine. You’ll get over.”

And you know what? They were all right! A few months later I’m fine. I’m great and I’m smarter. Everytime someone told me, it takes time I would say, “Whatever. You’re just saying that! You don’t know how it feels!” Roll my eyes and cry some more. And now I know that it’s true. You do get over the pain and it does feel better. You just have to disengage from the person that is causing you pain and eventually it’ll go away.

All this to say that yeh, it does go away. As much as it hurts now, one day it won’t hurt at all. You won’t even remember him.

How do you feel when people tell you that the pain will go away? Do you believe them?


One thought on “They were right. Time heals.

  1. Yes, time definitely heals. It took me more than a year to start ‘feeling better’, but time does heal and live does move on. When I started having medical issues which the doctor couldn’t explain, I did not web search and kind of suspected that they were most likely being caused by my emotional state. Thats when I put in a lot of effort to make myself feel good and take care of myself. After all the cheating and abusing, I refused to let that guy destroy my health and I refused to spend thousands of dollars on medical expenses because of him!
    I’m glad I put in the effort because now I feel happier than ever. Happy to have come of out the grips of a sociopath, happy that now I am a lot more confident and stronger person. While I will never forgive/forget him and the other people who tried so hard to ‘break’ me, now I am no longer sad/depressed about it. Now my life and my happiness is in my control 🙂

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