You Love Him But They Hate Him

Relationships often present us with more issues than we can or want to handle. While we are in them because we love and are attracted to the person, more than often the people around us don’t approve of our bliss. What to do when your circle of family and friends don’t like your hunny-bunny? You do exactly what most people do. Nothing or try to convince them otherwise. Although individuals outside your relationship might have a discerning eye, no one can completely understand your relationship.

Now, I’m not saying you should ignore opinions but I’m being realistic and assuming that you will ignore them anyway. The reality is that when it comes to love we don’t listen to anyone but ourselves. No matter how good or bad the relationship, we put up with it until we can or want. So, I wonder, why can’t people recognize or attempt to understand why you love him. I mean okay he might have some questionable qualities but instead of someone telling you, “Why are you with him? Leave him!” Wouldn’t it be less stressful to say “I know he doesn’t have the best qualities but love is blind and I know that only you can decide if you want to be with him.” I just think that giving opinions when it comes to a guy is often useless because no matter how much you lecture, advise, or draw pretty pictures for someone, they won’t get it. No one, even if they were in similar situation can know nor validate your love because every love is different.

Example: I love my ex boyfriend dearly and want him to be in my life forever. Even though we didn’t make it in a relationship, I still have strong feelings for him but most people don’t understand why. They see him as an unemployed, father of two, who never took me out but they forget that I’ve known him for 20 years, dated him for 8 and he makes me laugh. A lot. No one can understand how this can mean so much to me because they might be things that have no value to them.

People forget that emotions are complicated and opinions are fueled by our tastes and personal opinion therefore no one will ever necessarily measure up and most of the time you’ll love him and they won’t understand it. I’m not saying that there is no truth to their opinion but I’m recognizing that no matter what anyone says they can never change how you feel, so maybe they need to express their disapproval in another way.

What do you think? Why is it that more often than not our families and friends do not approve of our lovers? Do we pick the wrong guys or are they just possessive?


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