A Theory on Divorce

50% divorce rate is a scary number and although there are a myriad of reasons why that is, I have a theory.

I’ve been reading a lot about men’s capacity to settle down and fear of commitment and the conclusion is that no matter how amazing you are, if a man isn’t willing to settle down, he just won’t do it. What he will do is settle down with the less amazing partner when he is ready for commitment. That being said, how can you have a successful and long-lasting relationship with someone that is your less than ideal partner? How can you have a meaningful relationship with someone that doesn’t have the qualities you search in a wife, especially when you met that ideal woman and let her go? That’s when the 50% comes in. Once settled into this “convenient” marriage, the unhappiness settles in and the realities come out, and hence assets are being split and custody being fought.

What do you think? Is settling the cause behind divorce?


3 thoughts on “A Theory on Divorce

    1. If they make happy 99.8%! I think that if we were more patient with each other and respectful we could definitely find the ideal partner. The ideal partner is most definitely subjective but I the universal measurement is does this person make you happy?

  1. Everyone is waiting for some predetermined age where it’s appropriate to settle down rather than realizing they have a great person in front of them. It’s as if people think that as soon as they turn 30, there will be some magical person who falls out of the sky who has everything they want. Life and love don’t work that way. If you meet someone special, kind, and loving, do not ever give them away.

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