Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

After the end of a relationship we often find ourselves asking what the (bleep) was I thinking? Or what the (bleep) did I see in him? Or what about, who the (bleep) did I marry?

Well, Investigation Discovery (ID) explores these questions and more in their new show  Who the (bleep) did I Marry? (that’s an explicative by the way) featuring women hoodwinked by their husbands. The show’s tagline (when it comes to love and marriage, things aren’t always what they seem) invites the audience to discover who these women are and most importantly who the (bleep) did they marry.

The show is narrated by an ironic, slightly bemused woman giving you the feeling that you’re in a boudoir sharing secrets and relationship horror stories with your girlfriend. It was interesting to delve into the lives and heartbreak of these women. As a viewer you find yourself empathizing and intently  following  their  stories from courtship to court. As they recount how they met their loves to the relationship’s bitter end their expression  go from from lovestruck to horror-struck. The honesty and realness of the show makes you either  reevaluate the behavior of your own love or appreciate the apparent normalcy of your own relationship.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? Is a show that moves and intrigues keeping it’s audience engaged and rooting for the women that were brave enough to share their stories.

One woman’s husband turned out to be a Cuban spy, another a full-on sociopathic bigamist ( I have a particular dislike for these). These women share the horrifying experience of living a lie and living with a man that used them without scruples. These women are victims but the show manages to portray them as what they really are, strong women that survived extreme heartache and managed to stay hopeful. These women did not let these men take their ability to love and trust but only made them even more certain that love would come their way someday.

Who the (bleep) did I Marry? airs Wednesday, August 25th at 10p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

[image: Investigation Discovery]


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