Love. In the Club.

I was in Vegas for 4 days having fun, enjoying life and , ironically, growing as an individual but more than anything having wildly fabulous fun! While in Vegas I’ve made some observations about love in the club.

When we go out clubbing we have expectations. There is a reason why we put on our best dress and our best face. Yes, we want to have a good time but we also want to find someone. Whether it be a hookup, a relationship or a friendship. I came to Vegas with the unrealistic and quite funny expectation to find a basketball player or a rich playboy. I was being funny (well a little bit) but let’s use that as an example.

I came to Vegas to have fun and I dressed up to the tee because that’s just me but I also wanted to fulfill a fantasy. We all go out with a fantasy and expectation to create magic. We wear our best gown in the hopes of finding our prince and we want to meet him looking our best.

All of this to say that I believe that when people say that the club isn’t the best place to meet someone, I disagree because essentially we’re all there to have fun and to meet people. If we’re all going there with the same intention then why can’t we all benefit from the situation?

It seems that although we all look amazing there are some conflicting ideas that stop many of us from meeting people.  For one thing, since we look our best we expect only the best to approach us, leaving any average dude in the dust. I also think that men go to the clubs looking for the créme de la créme (I notice those blond, playboy bunnish girls ended up in VIP every night). The fact that our standards inflate when we reach the club scene stops from meeting people.  I think that we just need to recognize each others amazing outfits and start a little chit chat instead of holding out for an Aphrodite or Adonis. There’s also the fact that people become intimidated and insecure when they get to a scene where everyone looks amazing.

Instead of turning the club scene into a melting pot of madness we should use it to our advantage as a place where we can meet and mingle.

Tell me what do you think? Do you think the club is a good place to meet a partner? Can you find love in the club?



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