His Type. . . It Doesn’t Change.

Jesse James' WomenWith the news about Jesse James and tattoo-laden Kat Von D hooking up, I got to thinking why the and how the heck did the love story of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock happen?

Looking at his ex-wife, his recent ex-wife, his former lovers, and current flame, Sandy is the odd (wo)man out. All the women before and after had the whole tattoo-biker girl image down while Sandra Bullock is America’s Sweetheart. Unfortunately, this observation confirms that this relationship was not going to end well. Yes, opposites attract but when a man has a consistent pattern of women he dates and then suddenly does a 180 with one particular woman, then there’s a problem.

Men are not all that unpredictable. They have preferences. The man that says, “I like all women” is full of b.s. because everyone he seeks out has characteristics that he prefers and he’s consistently attracted to. Maybe it’s blonds, black women, athletic women, intelligent women or freaky women, but when a man has a preference he pretty much stays within that zone. He might want to branch out but by completely going from night to day but he is not being realistic about his needs and will eventually bail out for what he really prefers.

I see a man dating outside his pattern as testing the waters versus making a definite change. He’ll try it but isn’t going to commit to it.

Beware of being the odd woman out when dating. Don’t think you’ve changed him instead wonder why is he changing?

Do you agree? Do men date a certain type? Do you think it’s odd for a man to date outside of what he prefers?


2 thoughts on “His Type. . . It Doesn’t Change.

  1. I think we all have our types. Sure, we all experiment with trying something new but we always come but back to what we think fits us best. Oddly enough, I can’t really tell my boyfriend’s type. I see myself as being so different from his past girlfriends. I think it’s because he really goes for personality. Sounds weird I know, but if you saw his ex, you’d understand. I spent 4 years with someone who wasn’t my type but I thought was good for me. Now I’m with someone who fits me perfectly.

  2. It’s great that you’ve found your perfect fit! Of course we can be attracted to different people and preference isn’t all about looks. Like you said personality traits also matter!

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