Creating Your Own Romantic Road

I’m stuck in the twilight zone of relationship world. This is a difficult concept to explain because I myself have just recently realized it but I want to try to nail it because I believe that there is a very important lesson behind it. Here I go . . . .

I have different groups of friends with different relationship status. I have a group of friends that are independent spirits and have recently been admitted into the 3-0 club. Their livelihood doesn’t depend on a man and they are at peace with what life has dealt them.

Then I have a group of friends that are young, “single” (they still mess with their baby father’s) mothers. When we unite, I am a fish out of water as I can’t share stories of my labor pains, babies, baby daddy drama or how many stitches I had to get down there after I contributed to the world population.

Then there are the friends who live on their own, make good money, have a serious boyfriend, are getting married, have white picket fences.

Then there’s me. Single ( and lovin’ it ), childless, living at home, in Grad school, mid-twenties, working in non-profit, trying to generate ideas to construct my hot pink brick road to fabulousness.

Where does this leave me? Where do I fit in? Honestly, I haven’t answered this 100% but I’m guessing this leaves me with an unique situation and the opportunity to forge my own path. I’ve never been part of a group. All my friends are different. I’m a chick from the Bronx and my friends range from a Norwegian who grew up on a farm on an island  to a cute, blond volleyball player from Oregon to an Italian lesbian from a rich family.  So seriously, if the phrase, “You are the company you keep” means anything, I am a very diverse individual. Therefore, I understand that my life might be very different from most but sometimes I wonder am I on the right path? Relationship wise? Most people I know are seriously involved or dating. The ones that aren’t dating aren’t necessarily the most approachable individual but that makes me wonder is it okay that I’m completely single? Maybe I’m not approachable? I haven’t been on a date in over 6 months! Yes, I’m happy being single and yes, I just got out of a serious predicament (won’t call it a relationship at this point), but am I on the right road?

Although, I doubt myself. I have to say that this is the moment that I realize that I have to march to the beat of my own drum. Although my friends are actively dating, and I’m not,that doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with me and it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. If you haven’t met a special someone or aren’t dating that doesn’t mean anything. It just means that it’s not your time. Be patient. An interesting, romantic rendez-vous will come your way at the optimal moment as long as you’re sending the good vibes. I,for one, know that if the universe sent me the perfect man right now, I’d probably bite his head off. So I know that it isn’t my time. It’s time to enjoy me and construct that hot pink road to personal success and happiness.

What do you think? Do you feel that your romantic life is very different from your friends? How do you feel when you’re the only single one? If you’re in a relationship do you look down on your friend? Is it empowering to be single or do you feel like you’re missing out on something?



4 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Romantic Road

  1. I can totally relate to how you feel. I too have always had a diverse group of friends. I even went through the whole living at home while working in non-profit thing. You can feel like an outcast but you are not alone. Our twenties are all about paces changing. There is no perfect timing on anything. It may not be a total comfort, but I’d say you are on a good path.

    BTW, I’m looking to move into the Bronx. Any tips are greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. I kind of feel like something’s gotta give. When will life stabilize and will I ever be part of a group? Hopefully the fabulously successful group! Lol. Even though I feel uncomfortable with instability, I also feel agree and have come to terms that it’s part of growing up. Throughout life you often feel like there is only one path and then you hit your twenties and you realize there is so much for you to do and explore and that plan you had just might go out the window. It’s good to know that what I’m experiencing isn’t necessarily unique.

      The Bronx? Good move. Sent you an email.

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