Four Weddings on TLC

Four Weddings puts a fun spin to the whole wedding show craze by bringing viewers four unique weddings in one episode! Viewers get to experience low-budget to high-budget weddings, minimalist style to grandeur. Four Weddings has something for everyone.

Four Weddings is a competitive wedding show where four brides judge each others weddings based on dress, venue, food, originality and overall experience.  The wedding with the best score wins a five-star dream wedding.

This show is competition with style. You won’t see any cursing and fighting in this show,  just a bit of competitive edge.

Although the brides are there to win, the show manages to keep a balance between contest and wedding experience. The brides genuinely appreciate attending each others weddings and they are candid about what they like and dislike. Although there are have been brides in the past that have brought their fair share of drama, it’s fair to say that Four Weddings keeps it interesting yet tasteful.

The second season will bring more beautiful brides, wonderful weddings, and compelling  competition!

The second season of Four Weddings premieres Friday, September 11th at 10 pm/Eastern.

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3 thoughts on “Four Weddings on TLC

  1. I’ve watched the show a few times. The thing I notice is that they put weddings of 3,000 budget up against a 30,000 budget. Then they rate them. It does not seem fair. The weddings with the big budgets of course have better food and beautiful things. It seems to me it would be more interesting and fair if they grouped weddings together with similar budgets.

    1. I understand what you’re saying but ironically in last night’s episode the bride with the largest budget came dead last.

      I’m a firm believer that a wedding is made up of personal taste, attitude, the people and not a budget. As long as there’s love and creativity you can wonders with any budget!

  2. this show four weddings is kinda stupid cause it is not fair for the brides how is a $6,000 dollar wedding ever going to compare to a $70,000 dollar wedding it can not all the brides should have the same budget to make it fair or what is the point it just makes it stupid i mean come on wich wedding is going to be better a wedding at the tashmahall or a wedding at mcdonalds i mean come on get real allready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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