Marriage Gets a Bad Rap

Marriage has been on my mind lately versus weddings. Yes, I recognize the difference. Wedding is a party and marriage a partnership. I think that marriage has been getting a bad rap lately, so has monogamy and relationships. Commitment is no longer a positive thing but a drag or limitation of lifestyle but I disagree. Strongly disagree. Marriage is a union of two people that love each other and more importantly, respect each other and want to support and be there for their partner forever, and ever. I don’t see what is so bad about that. Why do people define marriage as the end of their life instead of a new chapter of their development?

Marriage is an amazing thing if you are dedicated and love the person. The only limitation it brings you is that you can’t go around sexing everyone that comes along and is that really such a horrible thing? I’m sure that if you love your partner he/she will provide you with an exhilarating sexual experience and if they don’t then you should have thought about the importance of sex before you married him/her. But think of all the great things that come with marriage. Constant love, support, consideration, better financial stability, and, most importantly, someone that will do anything and everything to make you and keep you happy.

The one excuse for not getting married is the inability to be monogamous and society uses our biological makeup (men need to spread their seed to ensure the world remains populated. so-called survival) as an excuse to not get married but what about our societal structure and what about our physical decline?

Yes, having the freedom to jump on anything and everything is appealing but is it appealing when you’re over 60 years old and you’re physically deteriorating?  And, can’t run around town? What happens then? Marriage usually takes care of that.It provides you with  someone to share and grow old with. In old age, your partner will look at you with the same eyes they did at 30.

People don’t realize that the superficial reasons for foregoing marriage are just that, superficial. I think we need to restructure how we look at marriage and commitment so that we don’t end up a lonely society full of regrets. I don’t think marriage is for everyone but I think it’s a bit ridiculous when most people go around bad-mouthing marriage and avoiding commitment.

What do you think about marriage? Do you think marriage is obsolete? Why has marriage gotten a bad rap lately?


3 thoughts on “Marriage Gets a Bad Rap

  1. You said it! Marriage is too special to be treated the way it is. Besides the people who don’t want to get married, there are those that do it without a serious thought. Both ends of the spectrum are dangerous! Get married for the right reasons (aka all the ones you listed above).

  2. You ask the questions “What do you think about marriage? Do you think marriage is obsolete? Why has marriage gotten a bad rap lately?” I think marriage is a wonderful thing if two people truly want to be together. We need to raise our children in an environment of stability and love. The reason marriage has a bad rap is because to many people marry to avoid being alone. If we waited until we were sure of ourselves, then our relationships, and finally what marriage is really all about, it would mean more than it does now.

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