Men Cheat and It’s Okay?

Men have it tough. They have a reputation of being liars and cheaters. Because of this stereotype men usually start with multiple strikes against them and with the woman waiting for him to mess up. Most women go into dating with a cynical attitude only to be taken aback by a nice man versus not surprised when a man does her dirty but interestingly enough I’m learning that cheating isn’t a dealbreaker. Yeh, that’s right cheating doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll leave his ass. I’ve heard from countless women, “Well, all men cheat. As long as I don’t see it I don’t care” or “Just because he cheats multiple times doesn’t mean I’ll leave him.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Who are these women? Well, these are women that insanely and blindly in love and others that are somewhat jaded and convinced that the majority of men are flawed. They have been dealt the same card, time and time again, therefore they take the the attitude, “If you can’t beat’em, then it is what is.”

I think women are getting sick of being hurt, repeatedly, and having to wait forever and a lifetime for a partner and life that they were promised before the age of thirty. As they continue on this road called life, they get frustrated, and disenchanted. They finally conclude, ” They’re all the same, so I guess I just have to compromise.” Now this is unfortunate and I think that we are capable of  monogamy and while I do believe that we have to compromise, I don’t think being a part of a harem should be one of them. I understand that being hurt time and time again is exhausting but before throwing in the towel know that there is someone out there who respects you and only wants you. While men have flaws, and they flirt, and even entertain provocative conversations with others, physical cheating is a no-no. Sure, it could be forgiven once (depending on the circumstances) but repeated cheating puts you in physical and emotional danger and to top it off why should he have free range while you remain loyal? I think not! If he wants to stick it anywhere then you should be free to do what you want as well. Why should you provide your man with exclusive benefits while he enjoys yours and others? Personally, I think that’s unfair.

So, all men cheat and it’s okay?! No. It’s not.

What do you think? Is it okay for a man to cheat? Should women just accept this to maintain a partner? Do you even think all men cheat?


5 thoughts on “Men Cheat and It’s Okay?

  1. Exactly. I agree: “physical cheating is a no-no,” and women are selling themselves short if they think they have to put up with it. Loyal men do exist out there (!), and besides, women that “condone” cheating are simply perpetuating the problem by giving men a license to cheat. The less we put up with it, the less they’ll be able to get away with it. Women cheat too, but not many of their boyfriends say “As long as I don’t see it, I don’t care.” I think men have a better understanding (based on our societal norms, of course) that being single is better than being repeatedly cheated on– and that’s something that some women could benefit from learning.

    1. Great comment Roxy! Don’t you think that men also have to maintain their ego and therefore are less willing to forgive a woman. If a woman cheats on her man, it compromises his manlihood and if a man cheats on his woman it boosts his virility. It’s a double standards.

  2. I was reading something recently that said that men cheat because of insecurities. Pretty ironic, because I think women accept that their men cheat because they are insecure. This is definitely not ok! Physical or emotional. But I guess polygamy works for some? Some women don’t need to be a man’s number #1. I personally can’t relate to that.

    1. I think a woman always wants to be number 1 but I think you hit the nail on the head with insecurities. Women are afraid of being alone “forever” and men, I think they just are greedy. Limited self-control. They want it all and don’t want to risk not getting it.

  3. Men always say that they are just made to cheat, but require their women to be faithful? No way! Those men are creatures from the underworld and should be banished! Cheating is such a big NO NO!!!!

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