Sister Wives Premieres Tonight on TLC

The term “Sister Wives” is not what you think. It is not sisters marrying one man. It’s women that enter a polygamist union and form a familial bond, making them “Sister Wives.” Jarring at first, you want to judge Meri, Janelle, Christine, Kody, and their way of living, labeling them as desperate and having a low self-esteem, and him a philandering man but TLC”s new show Sister Wives, portrays a family unit that cares about each other and works together as a team to lead a normal, everyday, faith-based life.

Although, these women are not desperate nor have low self-confidence, they are assertive, vocal women that chose a lifestyle and are happy with their choice, it seems that Kody, head of household, isn’t necessarily the “man of the house.” Kody states “Love should be multiplied, not divided,” and I just fell in love. Then I fell in love again, and I fell in love again.” These statements make Kody’s polygamist lifestyle seem more like an indulgence than faith-based but you still get a sense of normalcy, mostly from the women. It is clear that the women run the show and that will be even more evident when Kody takes on a fourth wife, Robyn.

Sister Wives follows this assimilation and the everyday struggles of a polygamist family. Although these are clearly strong women, they are humans and the natural feelings of insecurities and uncertainties will inevitably be part of the struggle. Follow this family as we get to delve into the ambiguous world of polygamy.

Sister Wives premieres tonight on TLC at 10 pm/eastern.


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