The Man That Marries

I have picked up a harmless little habit of looking at men’s ring finger and then I look at him and try to figure out why he chose to tie the knot. Men are known for avoiding commitment and dreaming of being Hugh Hefner, but then I see that ring finger and am pleasantly surprised but when I look up at the man, not so much. I have observed that married men are a type and possesses certain characteristics. Now I’m not saying this is tried and true but these are the similarities I have observed in married men:

1. He’s White. I have to be real. Every time I look at the hand it’s white. Very few times Latino, and rarely Black. I’m not making a judgment but there are some interesting stats that support this.

2. He’s professional. Usually this man is in a suit or is dressed in a manner that leads me to assume he has a job in an office or white collar setting.

So basically the man that wants to marry is a white professional. I want to elaborate first on the professional point. Men that want to get married are men that have drive (or passion. Some type of direction), understand responsibility, and teamwork. These men understand that going through life in a partnership is much sweeter than going alone. They aren’t afraid of leaving behind the wild days to create stability and progress in life.

Now, the white thing. I figure it can be explained with all the sociological studies describing the lack of father figures in Black and Latino households. Our men aren’t necessarily raised with the idea that they need to be professional, men that need to marry. I wish I could say this isn’t true but not only are the numbers correct about the jailed and uneducated Black and Latino men versus their counterparts, I live it everyday.

The concept that men don’t want to marry and commitment can only go so far. There is a type of man that gets married and he has a good work ethic and has been raised to believe in the establishment of marriage.

What do you think? Are most married men white and professional? What are the characteristic of a man that wants to get married? What observations have you made?


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