does mom know best?

Dating is difficult. Meeting decent guys seems like an impossible task. We ask our friends, co-workers and brothers to hook us up but what about our moms?

Mom knows best but does she know who we should date?

Recently, I saw an interview on an early morning show with Jewish mother, Geri Brin, who started the website . At first I thought it was weird but then I thought about it, isn’t mom always right?! So why wouldn’t she be right when it comes to finding “the one”? Think about it. Remember when she told you to stay away from that player with the mean swagger. Didn’t he break your heart just as she predicted?!

When you think back to all the times that mom told you, “don’t do that, it’s not good for you,” wasn’t she right? So, it would make sense that she could find the perfect partner. Mom knows best, that’s the reality. Your mom wants the best for you therefore she’ll pick the best partner for you.

I think the site is an excellent idea and makes sense. It definitely has a place in the internet dating landscape. Moms always have the best intentions  and I think their guidance in dating is much needed and more accurate than any judgment than we can make. Nothing beats motherly intuition.

What do you think? Would you let your mom hook you up? Do you think she’d make the right choice?  Is this site creepy or could mom pick your ideal partner?


2 thoughts on “ does mom know best?

    1. Is it pathetic to take your mother’s help and advice even if it is your love life? I think that in our society we are so quick to disassociate ourselves from our parents as soon as we hit 18 years old? Why can’t his mom give him advice and guidance in love the same way his “buddies” would? Doesn’t a mother usually have her child’s best interest at heart?

      I don’t think it’s pathetic for a mother to help her child in anyway possible. . .

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