Mothers and Their Sons

I love mothers and I think that they are amazing, resilient, dedicated  individuals who I have the utmost respect and appreciation for. They have the big responsibility of raising society, and it ain’t easy but conversely I think that mothers are major contributors to the demise of men.

Throughout history men have always been the favorite and prized possessions of families. They continue the lineage and, well that’s about it, but at that time with that expectation came responsibility, a responsibility to provide, marry, and procreate. Mothers have continued to show favoritism to their sons but have liberated them from responsibility.

Now men are no longer taught to be responsible but are taught that they don’t owe anyone anything. Men no longer have a sense of responsibility to women and society, they only care about how much they can get without having any type of commitment. Mothers have fostered this by not disciplining boys and “letting him be the man of the house” without earning that role.

Mothers expect women to continue to be under their son’s thumb without providing the security they once did. Instead of welcoming a woman into their son’s life, mothers often look at a woman with extra critical eyes because no one is good enough for her boy. Mothers often think what can she do for my son? Instead of, what can they do for each other? All the pressure is put on the woman instead of the man to nurture and provide. This mentality allows men to take, take, take, and not feel any responsibility because the woman is suppose to automatically support him without anything in return.

Men need to be raised with a sense of propose and obligation which will result in a society were commitment isn’t seen as a limitation but as an emotional bond that provides unconditional love, respect, and advancement. There was a time when all the adulation of being “the man of the house” came with responsibility and commitment. Can we please bring those times back?

What do you think? Do mothers have a hand in producing commitment-phobe men? Have you dated men that felt entitled and mothers that scrutinized you?


3 thoughts on “Mothers and Their Sons

  1. My ex-bf’s mom loves me and as stated before still mad at her son for breaking up with me. she told the ex-bf to treat me better than he treats himself, etc.

    Mothers do have a part in commitment-phobe men. If they don’t provide the correct amount of nurturing and if they allow their sons to treat them however they want or act however they please mom’s are doing us a great disservice.

    I have a younger brother…every now and then i’ll probe into his relationship life… and give my ‘womanly’ two-cents.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

      It’s true. Men need so much guidance when it comes to relationships! I’m glad that your ex had some training, even if he didn’t follow it!

  2. An Abusive Mother’s hatred for her daughter is overwheming. This is killing the loving and caring Father. Her abusive nature has separated the Father from his Family. What scares me the most is….. that Her abusive nature is showing up in my young son’s personality.

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