The Bad Man

When you first meet him, he’s perfect. Two weeks later, he’s cooking you dinner, showering you with accolades, and showing you off to his buddies. Fast forward a year later, suddenly he’s ignoring your calls, he’s not as polite, and actually doesn’t like your outfit. He’s turned into a Bad Man.

You wonder when did this happened? It happened somewhere between he wants to be single and he kinda doesn’t care about you anymore.

Men unlike women can compartmentalize their emotions and have as much indifference for you as they had love. Once a man is done with you, he’s done, emotionally that is. He won’t want to be with you but he’ll definitely want to sleep with you.

Now there is no way to understand when a man becomes a bad man and you shouldn’t try to understand it but you should cut him off, immediately. When a man no longer respects you and has no regards for your feelings walk away, don’t try to reason it out because you won’t understand.

The Bad Man comes out suddenly and in the most inappropriate times. The man you thought you knew, no longer exists. It’s not to say that he never loved you but unfortunately that love and consideration has disappeared.

I know that it is incredibly painful when someone you thought you knew becomes a perfect stranger.  He breaks your trust and makes you doubt people’s sincerity. Not every man becomes a Bad Man but when he does, it’s a major reality check about the person you thought you knew because a good man will never be a bad man. When a man’s true colors come out just count your blessings because you would have been stuck with someone that you never knew and it might have been too late then.

What do you think? Have you had a man completely flip on you? Where you thought he was one person and he turned to be another? Has a man ever gone from being incredibly kind to completely cruel? Have you seen the bad man?


3 thoughts on “The Bad Man

  1. My last boyfriend became the Bad Man. I happened overnight and only got worse. And rather than put my foot down, I kept waiting thinking it was stress from work, or stress from money, or when I was really losing my mind stress from me. It was none of the above.
    He had met someone else who he is now dating, and I was now being compared to her. Once that happens you’re in a losing battle. Because the new girl is always better than the old, simply because they’re new.

  2. It’s better that you found out sooner rather than later. I can never understand why a man likes to trade everything in. All that shines is not gold, but you’re better off anyway!

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