Romantic Movies and You

Warning: Sentimental & Sappy Post

I went to the movies tonight to see No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, and of course I loved it (fyi I love romantic-comedies) but tonight I realized that I love and hate romantic movies. I love them because they move my heart and quite honestly because I can witness an idyllic love that quite frankly doesn’t exist (love is beautifully imperfect) and conversely I hate them because they remind me these things don’t exist.

Now I’m not saying this as a cynic. I believe love is out there. I’ve witnessed it but the things that occur in romantic movies. . . actually I have seen it. I have friends that have met their love in the most unconventional and romantic situations and their partner continues to be perfect to them. I want to believe that these perfect Hollywood endings are complete fabrications but then I’d be lying because firstly, I do believe and secondly I’ve seen it happen to others. All it really takes to have a Fairy Tale Ending is positivity.

There are those that say that romantic movies give false expectations to women but I don’t know that I buy that. I think that they keep us going. As corny as it may seem, romance reminds us that there is beaut y in the world, and to be honest these movies have to based off some truth.

I think we don’t want to let ourselves believe in romantic movies because we don’t want to build up our expectations and be let done. That’s valid but what’s a life without hope?

I read a post recently that said that we should stop denying that we want love. Many women say, “I don’t want a boyfriend,” or “I don’t want to get married,” because they want to lower their own expectations but most time they are lying to themselves. This is all to say believe that you will find love, believe in romantic comedies, and be positive because you’ll get your Hollywood ending whether it be with a leading man or simply you.

What do you think about romantic comedies? Do they do a service or disservice? Do you believe in happy endings?


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