The Man-Child

My friend recently sent me a blog post on the concept of the Man-Child which consequently led me to read the Wall Street Journal article that it was based on. This article pointed out some things I already knew and I’m sure most single gals do (women are surpassing men in education and income) but the analysis and the connections that the article made on the female-male imbalance and it’s connection to dating is intriguing. Because women are surpassing men in education and income, it is resulting in the weakening of men. Because women are outpacing men, men no longer have a concrete role in society, they are relegated to video games and head bashing.

This social turn has emasculated men and empowered women yet expectations haven’t changed. We still want a man that provides but society is shaping a man that doesn’t have the mental nor financial ability to sustain a relationship.

The author uses the movie “Knocked Up” as a case in point. The main character played by Katherine Heigl is an ambitious, beautiful woman on her way to a successful career, while the dude, Seth Rogen, that knocks her up is a unemployed pot head unsuccessfully planning a porn website. In the end, he needs to catch up to her.

After this analysis, I wondered, what does this mean for women in the long-run? Does it mean that we have to adhere to the new roles? Are we the providers now?

I think we’re going that direction but although the roles have changed they haven’t necessarily been exchanged. Yes, women have taken on more responsibility but men have been demoted to children. How can we date a man-child?!! It would be different if men became the homemakers and women the providers because then there is still a sense of responsibility and each sex has a role but seriously, what can I do with a man child? What can YOU do with one?

I don’t have a solution for this one because it’s a societal trend but from experience, I will not date a man-child. It is better to be alone than to have to sustain someone that cannot provide you with some sort of support.

What do you think of this trend? Have you seen the man-child? Does he even exist? Could you date him? What;s your solution to this predicament?


3 thoughts on “The Man-Child

  1. InternetDrama, I have a confession. I am dating a man-child. And, while I’m worried about the fact that I need to write him packing lists for when we go away, that he’s double booked his Saturday night, that, really, dishes shouldn’t be left out overnight, that if he doesn’t invoice, he won’t get paid and that he can often be found drinking beer and drawing skulls, he also has some amazing qualities that other ‘manly men’ don’t offer.

    Like a child, he’s easy to please and eager to please, he makes me laugh, he never takes life too seriously, he cheers me up with little presents and knows that the way to a girls’ heart is through a really great cocktail. He’s easy going and is always fun to be around. He’s playful and sweet as Reese’s pieces.

    Is it enough, though, to make a long-lasting relationship?

    Stay tuned….

    Goose xx

    PS Love the blog!

    1. Thanks, Goose! I’ll definitely stay tuned but seems to me that you have a man with a memory problem more than a man-child. No one is perfect but if he’s making you happy then those little nudges and reminders you have to give him are worthwhile!

  2. Yes, I have seen the Man Child. I actually married him – and then divorced him. This experience has taught me the same as its taught you – it is better to be alone and happy than with a man child and miserable. I mean, I can only imagine how horrible it would have been if my ex-husband and I had had children. I would be raising them AND my husband. I want a true life partner, not a gassy, beer-guzzling, 30-something baby. There’s no way in hell I could ever be with another man child!!

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