Why I Write InternetDrama. . . .

I have been neglecting my dear and precious blog because of the normal things that keep us from doing the things we enjoy. Work, family, responsibilities, school, and work, but on Saturday after attending a lovely gathering of amazing women, I was re-inspired to make a commitment to my blog and post more frequently and consistently.

Speaking with these wonderful sisters and seeing their nods and smiles as I explained internetdrama, encouraged me to get back on here because to be honest, I was scared of looking like a flake after not having posted anything for almost two months but their support showed me that there is a need for this type of blog and my mission made sense. Then I remembered all the amazing comments I receive and realized, I have to get back on here.

I don’t write this blog to feel sorry about myself, to complain nor to brag. I write this blog to share and provide an analysis of common relationship predicaments. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I do something that a lot of women, unfortunately don’t, I learn. I learn from my past heartaches and mistakes making sure I don’t repeat them. I don’t want to be a woman who is in a cycle of destruction, I don’t want to be a woman who doesn’t love or value herself.

I want to be a happy, successful, and wise woman, and I want to share this with other women. I want to see women take control of their emotions and intimate relationships instead of having to play by men’s rules. And that is why I write this blog.

So, please forgive my absence and stay tuned for great posts including how to snag a prince, speed dating, and much more!


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