The Royal Wedding: How to Nab a Prince

Although Pippa Middleton has outshined her sister, Duchess Catherine, during this Royal Wedding madness, I’m sure many women are still dreaming, if not wishing they can marry a Prince.

On April 29th, millions of women watched in awe and envy as Kate Middleton married Prince William and became what we have to been taught to aspire to since childhood. Cinderella. Happily Ever After.

Watching the wedding, I’m sure many of us questioned, why her? Destiny. How did she do it? Self-Worth. Like Princess Catherine we can meet our very own Prince if we give ourselves a bit of self-respect.

Throughout the years Prince William has proven that he’s like any other man; a flirt, commitment-phobe, and a heart-breaker. Remember when he and Kate broke up? Kate didn’t buckle, didn’t beg, didn’t cry ( at least from what she showed us). In stead she continued with her life; going out with her friends, on dates, and looking as radiant as ever. She showed Prince William that she had
self-respect and can live with or without him. This is how she won him over.

Nothing is more irresistible to a man than when a woman values herself and, more importantly, self-respect  promotes self-sufficiency and contentment.

So, if you want to nab a prince, don’t settle for less. Be happy with yourself and don’t let anyone dictate your happiness, your life, and most importantly your value.


2 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding: How to Nab a Prince

  1. Agree too. I think what was so impressive is that she showed that she wouldn’t crumble (publically) and that she could live without him, her life would still have meaning and move on without him. And obviously that woke him up to realize that he couldn’t live without her. ^_^ Such a romantic story! And a true inspiration.

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