The Conventional Unconventional Ways of Dating

When I started this blog, it was an attack on the internet and it’s place in destroying relationships, ironically 3 years later I’m accepting that the internet is now a helpful tool in sparking relationships. I’ve had to let go of my conventional (and archaic) ideas on dating and accept that speed dating, online dating, and any other dating that doesn’t include meeting someone in person is the new dating.

It’s interesting to observe conservative women who have held strong to the idea that she’ll meet her soul mate at bar, on a train, or by a chance encounter while jogging in Central Park,but have managed to let go of these ideas. I personally have considered online dating and recently went speed dating, things I spat on 3 years ago. My friends had similar attitudes but have opened up to the idea of going out of their comfort zone to meet guys.

While I haven’t and I’m sure my conventional friend haven’t either, let go of the belief and hope that you can still meet a wonderful partner without the help of technology, I think it shows growth and acceptance of the changing ways. Online dating and speed dating were once thought to be for the desperate but it’s now turning into the norm. I think by embracing these new ways we’re just increasing our chances of meeting someone special instead of limiting ourselves in a world that is going a mile a minute.

What do you think? Are you open to online dating or any other non-conventional way of dating? Or are you holding on to the traditional way? What new forms of dating have you tried?


3 thoughts on “The Conventional Unconventional Ways of Dating

  1. I personally hold on to tradition…and that’s gotten me nowhere in terms of a long-lasting, healthy, monogamous relationship. Maybe I should be more open to these newer forms of dating, but I’m really not convinced that they will be any more effective in leading to my desired end result.

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