When Will I Find Him? Love Theories in Your 20’s and 30’s

I’ve always had the ability to transcend age when it comes to friendships. I can easily have a conversation with a person my age as I can have with a senior citizen. This ability has given me the opportunity to witness life at different stages and recently I’ve been noticing a big difference between 20 something year old’s and 30 something year old’s in their approach to love. Women in their 20’s are still coming into their own while women in their 30’s have a confidence and realistic view.

Women in their 20’s say “Where is he?” While women in their 30’s say “He’ll get here when he gets here.” See, in our 20’s we’re still waiting for the “one” and working hard to fulfill all the expectations we’ve set for ourselves as little girls (i.e. Prince, Princess, Tiara, Castle, etc.) but once you get to your 30’s you have enough life experience to understand that things happen when they need to. That doesn’t mean you’re giving up, instead it means at 30 something you’re patient with yourself and your relationship status.

A 20 something is anxious, impatient, and, quite frankly, constantly whining about not finding the one ( by the way, I’m a 20 something),

I think we need to take a page from  our older counterparts and take it easy, We can make all of our efforts to find the one but the biggest effort is to not focus on your singledom. Understand that life is unexpected, and “He’ll get here when he gets here.’

What do you think? Is there a difference between 20 year old’s and 30 year old’s? What about you? Are you a whiney 20 or a patient 30? Does age even make a difference when it comes to approaching love?


5 thoughts on “When Will I Find Him? Love Theories in Your 20’s and 30’s

  1. You’re absolutely right! I’m 30 and that’s my attitude exactly: He’ll get here when he gets here. I don’t even think about my single-hood. It doesn’t define me. And because I’m sure of who I am, the relationship is more likely to work when he does “get here” or I won’t waste a lot of time on him if he isn’t the one because life experience would have taught me enough of what I want and need in a relationship and I’ll see the red flags from a mile away.

  2. 20’s or 30’s a heart’s desire is a heart’s desire…it doesn’t simply exist, whether you ask where is he or he’ll get here…there’s no denial that someone does exist…may be just awaiting the right space and place…just a sharing…in my view…

  3. Everything you wrote reflected a conversation I had today morning with my colleague (we’re both single women; me in my 20’s and she in her 30’s). It feels good to read someone else echo the thoughts and apprehensions running in your head!

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