It Can Happen to You

I received some feedback and even after posting this post I had some doubts because I wasn’t sure that I was conveying my message clearly. The purpose of this post is to inspire women and encourage them to keep hope alive and know that the possibilities are endless.

With that in mind, I’ve changed the title of my post from “Why Her? Not Me?” to “It can happen to You.” I personally find inspiration and happiness in the successes of my friends. When something great happens to someone, I’m excited and supportive of them. Especially when they had doubts and then their wishes have been fulfilled. I hope that the title change represents the positive message of this post.

I have been communing with a group of amazing women. We provide each other with emotional and spiritual support. We share our fears, aspirations, and most importantly, our success. We share our successes not only to “brag” but also to let each other know that “If it happen to me, then it can happen to you.”

This isn’t meant in a jealous or envious way. It’s a genuine statement that emphasizes the positive and endless possibilities. The fact that you are equally deserving as I am or your best friend with the perfect life or even Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Snooki, and even Kate Middleton.

The point is that when you wallow in your singledom and think “Why her? And not me?” It’s counter productive to your being. It’s negative and envious. Instead, you should be inspired and positive. Think, that if love is possible for someone else then it’s possible for you. You’re special too and you deserve love as much as the next gal.

Do you feel inspired by your friends’ relationships?


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