Quickie Courtships, Even Quicker Marriages: Are they real?

At the heel of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries, I got to thinking about quickie marriages. Are they meaningful? Do they last? And better yet, what the hell were they thinking? The rich and famous can marry, break up, and move on as they please because they have the resources to heal quickly aka money to go on a two month vacation in Fiji while getting massages, going on shopping sprees, and frolicking with the sexy local. . .

. . . but what about the rest of us?

What does rushing into marriage mean for the common folks? Is that a risk we should take? I think that love comes at different times and in different ways. I have to admit that at one time I was cautious and took my time and other times I’ve been more carefree and quick to it, both ways failed which comes to show that it’s not necessarily about the time-frame but it’s about introspection; really looking at the person, weighing the pros and cons, and leveling with your heart. You can know your love for a month and if he’s solid, compatible with you and has no dead bodies in his closet then take the plunge. You can make the same mistake with someone that you’ve known for 10 years that you can make with someone that you’ve known for 10 days if you decide to be blind.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend eloping with someone that you spent 5 marvelous days with at a Sandal’s Resort but I wouldn’t pass judgment on you either. The thing is that you never know what will be the outcome of a relationship. Love and relationships are risks no matter how much you invest in them because people can change in an instant. People are unpredictable but you just have to be open to working on it and coping with whatever challenges come with the relationship.

So yes, I think quickie marriages can be equally as valid as a long-term relationship that leads to marriage. Would I do it? Not necessarily. There is a higher risk in making that vow in a shorter period of time but pledging your life and heart to a person puts you at risk regardless of the timing of that commitment.

Just make sure you run a background check before you commit. You never know. . .

Do you believe in quickie marriages? Do they last? Do you think a relationship of 10 years is more meaningful than a 1 month relationship? Would you marry someone after knowing him/her for a few months? What would motivate you to marry someone after a short period of time? Or what would dissuade you from it?


One thought on “Quickie Courtships, Even Quicker Marriages: Are they real?

  1. Marriage is a tricky thing. It should NEVER be entered into lightly but soberly and I don’t just mean free of alcohol! The fact that even long term relationships lead to marriage and then divorce does not necessarily validate the idea of quick-to-the-altar weddings.

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