You’re More Than Your Dating Life

“You don’t want to date anybody because if you did, you would go out and try. You’re not trying.” These are the words of my cousin on a dreary Sunday evening as I casually complain about dating. When she says this I realize, “Man, she’s right.”

Sometimes, I realize that my complaints about dating are superficial and meaningless because like Adele said, “No one treats me better than me.”

I’m more concerned these days with my professional and personal development than dinner with a schmuck that will most likely illicit dead stares and annoyance from me.

I think that sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves and not get caught up with society’s expectations or pressures. I think that as women we often start to doubt ourselves when we haven’t been on a date in a month or two or a year maybe years.

If this were sixty years ago and as women our livelihood depended on men then maybe it would be a legitimate concern but as women of the 21st century, we have a lot more going for us and a lot more to offer so we shouldn’t define ourselves by our dating history but continue to be focused on bettering ourselves.

What do you think? Do you focus too much on dating and less on yourself? Do you find yourself complaining about dating only to realize, you don’t really care? What are the most important things to you in this moment of your life?


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