What’s Wrong with a Square?

What’s wrong with a square? Nothing, but he can be a jerk too.

When I started writing this post I argued that sometimes we need to look past a guy’s corniest and recognize his great and stable qualities. He may not have swag but he’s smart, funny, responsible and so on, but then I realized that the square can be a prick too! Although I am a strong advocate of standards, it’s important to remember that standards include traits that are beyond “good on paper.” The guy might have a college degree from an elite school, works at a major financial company, and even be slightly entertaining but if he’s condescending and insecure, what the heck can you do with that?

Sometimes we are so taken by what a guy has to offer that we don’t look at the red flags. Then there are those of us who see the red flags but think, “I’m being too picky,” or “He’s not that bad.” But a red flag is a red flag. A guy might have amazing qualities, but if he makes you uncomfortable and leaves you speechless (not in a good way) every time he opens his mouth, then leave it alone because nothing good can come from that situation.

This is a warning. Don’t be taken with a guy’s resume. Always make  note of his social skills and personality traits. If every time he opens his mouth, you have a “Did he really say that?”  look then walk away. Actually, run!

Have you ever met a guy that is good on paper but is an absolute jerk? Do you give it another chance or do you walk away from the situation?


One thought on “What’s Wrong with a Square?

  1. Yep. Relationships are real. I wish there was a book but there’s not. Relationships are a business too. If you don’t believe that then just ask all the divorce lawyers that divvy everything up. It’s a pooling of families, friends, and assets and so when it fails all those things need to be torn apart again.

    I wrote in one of my posts about relationships that if people can imagine betting the family farm on their relationship then they can understand what is really involved. Thanks, I hope people can understand this and make things work for them if it’s possible.

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