You, Then Him

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Mainly because work and school took over my life but also because I was focusing on other things besides love, men, and relationships. In 2012, I made a commitment to focus on myself and my personal growth, not professional not academic, but personal.

I realized that while I was nurturing my ambitions and intellect, I was not nurturing my soul and spiritual well-being (if this sounds intense, it’s because it is); so I decided to step back from my “do, do, do” mentality and just sit with myself, reflect, and work at becoming whole. For me this means working on the parts of myself that I constantly neglect: my emotional, loveable feminine side.

I’ve never felt more complete and at peace than now, when I’m bettering myself consciously and willingly, but what does this have to do with you? Two things:

1. I’m back!

2. I suggest you consciously work on yourself too!

Sitting with yourself and confronting the good and bad will open you up to your full potential and all the possibilities in your life; including love. I find that when you repair your heart or any hurt with purpose you become more positive and open. People begin to gravitate towards you. Men see joy and confidence and want to be around you.  If you don’t change your mentality and make changes then you can never attractive good things to your life.

It’s not just about being pretty, smart, or nice. It’s also about being open to amazingness (yes, I made this word up) in your life. So recognize that you need to grow and make an effort to reach your potential so you can be completely happy with yourself and attract love.

This isn’t only about external love but also about loving yourself. It’s not only about him but it’s about you too! When you let go or confront baggage you become a lighter and happier person. The companionship, romance, and love will come to you then.

Are you willing to take a constructive, hard look at yourself? Do you think that consciously ironing out the kinks in your life and outlook will have a positive effect in your life? What will you do to make changes in your life?


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