The Christian Grey Effect

Why do women love Fifty Shades of Grey?

Honestly, the phenomenon eluded me for two reasons:

1. I don’t think it’s all about the explicit sexual scenes. You can find sex in romance novels with Gone with the Wind-like characters on the cover embracing with the rolling green behind them.

2. The writing is ridiculously bad i.e. “My subconscious glares up at me over her half-moon spectacles, distracted from volume two of the Complete Works of Charles Dickens, and mentally chastises me.”


“Yes. Really,” my sub-conscious retorts as she rolls her eyes at me.

So, what is it? Why is the world so intrigued with this trilogy?

Two Words: Christian Grey

He’s drop-dead gorgeous, wealthy, strong, decisive, a man’s man, romantic but most importantly, he needs to be saved, and he changes . . . for her.

That’s really all a woman wants. She wants to be the center of her man’s world and to change him. A woman wants to have the power to have an effect on a man’s life. She wants to love this completely messed up  guy that no one has been able to get through and then be responsible for his transformation.
Women are drawn to imperfect men and our nurturing instincts tell us that with TLC we can change any man that we love, but experience has shown us time and time again that this is is not the case. A woman needs to take a man as he is and if the man cares enough he might make some compromises and adjustment but not necessarily earth-shattering changes. The thing is that we shouldn’t expect a man to change anyway. Women need to find the guy that most closely matches what she wants not someone that could be what she wants.

But while most women figure this out, Fifty Shades of Grey plays on this fantasy and I’m not going to lie, the story of transformation really pulled me. So not only do women get to imagine their sexual fantasies in the trilogy but they also get to fantasize about changing a man.

Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey? What drew you into the book? Was it the sex? The story line? Do you think a man like Christian could really change?


3 thoughts on “The Christian Grey Effect

  1. Regardless of what conclusion you may draw from the Fifty trilogy. What we all must agree on badly wrote or not its a phenomonem. Why the demand for this book, possibly due to the fact that in a time of economic down turn and depression, a sense of longing for the christian grey life style appeals to many women, more so then ever before.As it does to most men to, not the emotional but the material The affordability of the books, the fact that the author EL James is what we would refer to as an ordinary every day women, wife and mother. The sexual behaviour of our leading couple in this saga for younger readers is exciting, and new. For those of us shall we say, ” more worldly and mature,” it relights the fire and reminds us of games or bedroom role play we and our wifes or husbands did, before the hum drum regimentation of daily life consumed us. This book has been published at the right time for many people our lives and life styles are dragging us down are relationships are struggling as a result. Its pure and simple escapism in to a world of sexual awakening or reawakening and a chance to shut the real world out. Please do not over analize this trilogy of EL James just read it and enjoy. If you find it not to your liking then simply put it down. Its not porn it certainly not Mills and Boon. Nor is it Dan brown.
    But it doesn’t try to be anything other that what it is . But what it is ,is the fastest selling book of our times. EL James well done and thank you

  2. Well said and totally valid points but every piece of literature usually has a secondary meaning. Because the author is a woman, I understand all too well where the inspiration for the story line comes from. In all erotic or romantic novels most male leads are the same. This either perfect or close to perfect man that is a a playboy or has some type of imperfection that has eluded most women except one, the female lead of the novel. Yes, this is a fantasy and part of the fantasy is being able to find this close to perfect man and making him the perfect one for you.

    And the truth is that the writing is bad but I can appreciate the trilogy for what it is. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t have read all three books.

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