How to Draw in the Opposite Sex

Recently, I’ve been constantly meeting men and although most of them don’t really hold my attention, I do find the constant influx to be interesting.  I know that men have  admired from afar, but very few “normal” somewhat normal  men had the cojones to approach me. So what changed?


You know when people say that, “You have to love yourself before you meet someone?” Well that is wrong. What you need is to “Know yourself before you meet someone,” and “Make yourself available.”

By available, I don’t mean show major cleavage and pull your thong above the waist of your pants (not a problem if that’s what you want to do), what I mean is that you have to have an openness and positive aura that welcomes men in. So often, women get so negative when they have bad luck in love. Instead of staying open, they close up and get all mopey. *NEWSFLASH* Moping isn’t going to get you anywhere and as much as you smile, your insecurities  will come through much stronger than that smile. Sadness and insecurity shows up clearly in your eyes and body language. No matter how much you smile, if you are insecure and closed off then, you’re not getting anywhere.

Know thyself. Until you know what you want and most importantly who you are and what you have to offer then you won’t get anywhere. You need to own your value and power before a man who is worthwhile or even not so worthwhile will approach you (once you are sure of yourself you’ll be able to weed out the not so worthwhile ones). This is the reason that women that we would consider a hot mess i.e. strippers  or even non-conventional beauties (think Frida Kahlo)are admired by men because despite their differences, they are sure of themselves. These women take ownership of themselves and  that’s sexy and appealing regardless of how they look.

Doing these things are easier said than done but I think they are worthwhile. I think that as women we should do these things for ourselves moreso than to snag a man but when we are comfortable and happy in our skin we can not only attract someone that mirrors our happy state but manifest other great things in our lives. Don’t want to get all “The Secret” on you but it really is the key to finding happiness and love is being happy with yourself.

What do you think? Have you noticed a difference of when you attract men versus when you are experiencing a drought?  Was there a period in life when you were less sure of yourself and you managed to improve your attitude?


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