Basic Instinct

Instinct is a feeling that protects us and prevents us from putting ourselves in dangerous situations but when should we listen to our instincts and when should we take a chance? Especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Recently, I tested my instincts. I met a nice guy not a “nice” guy but something threw me off about him. He seemed interested but conversely seemed not interested (amongst other things). I went out twice with him to realize that all he wanted was a “special friend.” I immediately shut that door as you should whenever a guy says “I’m not looking for a relationship.”

After this situation, I realized the power of instinct but also the benefits of taking chances. By recognizing my initial reaction to this dude, I proceeded with caution but didn’t shut down. I gave it a chance and my instincts proved right but at least I know that I gave it an opportunity.

It’s not easy to create this balance but I think that while you should definitely listen to your instinct, you should also take non-life-threatening chances to not only make sure you’re not missing out but so you can learn how to read situations and be more discerning about your romantic choices.

Do you always listen to your instincts? Or do you give men the benefit of the doubt? Do you learn from your experience or do you constantly commit the same mistakes?


4 thoughts on “Basic Instinct

  1. I’m trying to get better and listening to my instincts. Some days are better than others. Great post, Natalie! I’m glad you acknowledged your instincts and listened to them.

  2. For a while I was dealing with the “ohhh, that’s what that feeling was” AFTER I did/didn’t do something. Right now I’m trying to isolate that ‘feeling’/instinct when it comes and follow what I’m feeling no matter how scared or ‘off the beaten path’ it may be.

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