I’m Back.

InternetDrama was created over 8 years when I realized the impact that MySpace and AIM was having on my then relationship.

It was about understanding love in the digital age, from social networking to online dating and even virtual dating. I wanted to share my musings about relationships and how innovation was changing them as we know it.

Eventually, I decided to focus my attention on other endeavors, but I recently saw that you were still visiting my site at high numbers – meaning you’re still looking for explanations and analysis of the digital landscape and how to navigate it; and this totally makes sense considering the rapid growth in innovation – from Tinder to Instagram and SnapChat.

When I decided to stop blogging, little did I realize the continuous and increasing impact the digital world would have on relationships.

Had I continued to blog, I would be the #1 expert on the impact that digital innovation has on personal relationships!

Well, I’m back now with new experiences, knowledge, and a strong marketing background that helps me understand the inner-workings of these digital applications – their intent, effect on people and their personal relationships.

I’m excited to create new content for InternetDrama.

Next post will be Love in the Digital Age.

Photo Source: http://rapgenius.com

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