Love in the Digital Age


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Love in the digital age. . . What can I say?

I’ve been struggling with this comeback post because I want to take a more neutral approach – detailing the good and bad about love in the digital age but I have to keep it real. The reality is that despite the positives (better communication mainly), I don’t think that digital innovation has really been good for love.

It has allowed us to hide our fears and secrets deeper than ever but it’s not the fault of innovation, it’s how we have decided to use innovation. Love continues to be plagued with the same issues – infatuation, distrust, insecurities, and doubts but we now have tools that exacerbate these issues.

The digital age has made people more superficial, there’s no need to go deeper. There’s no need to be committed because with a ping or a swipe you have the possibility of a fresh relationship experience. You get to have those euphoric 3 months – over and over and over again.

So how do you navigate love in the digital age?

You get deeper.

You take the leap of getting to know someone at a deep level. You take a chance and continue to put yourself out there. Look at social media as an extension of an existing personality trait. How the person handles innovation and how they represent themselves in the digital space is an indication of how they are in real life. If they have one persona on social media and one in real life well they might have multiple personalities or like to lie. Just see it as an extension of their personality.

It’s a concrete record of things that they exhibit in person if they are using snapchat for secret chats and sending naked pics than that is an indication of things they do in real life, if they put up faux profiles then um yeh they are “faux”in lfe.

Be bigger than innovation. Be bigger than social media. Navigate love with the heart, with curiosity and trust. Make sure that whether digital or in real life – it aligns with your belief system and don’t be afraid to go beyond the screen.



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