How to Improve Your Love Life (and Your Life in General) in 5 Steps

How can you improve your love life?

. . .

By improving yourself and quality of life.

Life’s challenges, surprises, and even pleasures make us insecure and fearful causing stress and unhappiness but if you learn to follow your instinct, listen to   yourself, and make thoughtful decisions, you can make your life a lot easier.

Following your instinct is not easy but we can teach ourselves to be more in tune with our feelings and not only make better decisions but also react in a constructive way when things don’t go our way.

This training is crucial to improving your love life. Being in tune with yourself not only helps you steer away from the bad men and  draw you to the good ones; it will make dating more fun and allow you to be more positive.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t found “the one” but because of certain measures that I’ve taken to better myself. I believe my love life which includes flirting, dating, and meeting men has greatly improved.

So without further ado, here are my 5 steps to creating a happier existence that will bring positive changes to your love life.

1. Acknowledge your pain and dissatisfaction.

It’s important to grieve and recognize whatever is making you unhappy about your life, your body, your job, or love life. You can’t attract positive or any romantic prospects if you are unhappy with your life. As my trainer told me, the men you attract are a mirror of yourself. If you are miserable, you’ll attract a miserable man but if you are happy and sure of yourself then you can find Prince Charming (or someone close to it).

2. What Do You Want?

Once you recognize what is making you unhappy, make a list of the things that you want to change in your life and that you want to achieve. You should identify short-term goals and long-term goals. This list is about YOU! Don’t include goals like “Help my family” (that’s a different list). This list is about the things that you need to enhance so that you are better equipped to help yourself and  others.

3. Take Action.

This step requires you to dig deep in your consciousness and gather the strength and commitment to achieve your goals. You need to meditate and find inspiration to really make moves. This means talking to professionals, reading inspirational content, workshops, etc. Whatever you need to do to gain clarity. Be honest with yourself about what is attainable and what you can do and are willing to do then DO IT! Don’t let anything deter you from doing what you need to do to achieve your goal. When I wanted to lose weight, I signed up for a gym and trainer that I could afford and more importantly, I didn’t let anything deter me from my workout. No event, dinner, or obligation was more important than my workout. Everything had to happen before or after my workout. The result was a major weight loss. Make the same type of commitment to yourself and you can achieve your goals.

4.  Be Consistent

Make sure to follow through. Don’t give up on yourself a 1/4 of the way. Make it to the finish line and continue to do whatever you need to do to maintain your goal. Don’t allow yourself to take a break or go off the road because we are creatures of habits, and when you create consistency and new habits you can see the fruits of your labor but if you only do things half ass then you’ll never see results. Happiness, weight loss, and careers don’t ever stop. You have to constantly work at it. We never stop evolving and you should never stop working on yourself. This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy life but just don’t get sidetracked to the point that you are stagnant in your ambitions.

5. Bask in Your Happiness

Constructively working on yourself yields a fun love life, promotions, and new opportunities without you asking for it. Receive these blessings and enjoy. Your positivity and happiness will attract so many great things. Since I’ve improved myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, strangers always talk to me, people compliment me, and I’m more thoughtful about my decisions. I also recognize these changes and continue to work on myself to keep the positive energy flowing.

Take these steps with purpose and you’ll see a change in your life. I’m not saying that you’ll be a millionaire overnight but you’ll be one step closer. I’m not living the high life quite yet but I’m living a better life and I’m happier now than I have ever been and it’s all because I took a hard look at any dissatisfaction in my life and decided to make a conscious change. Not to be corny, but anyone can do it but it takes efforts.

Do you find these steps helpful? What steps do you want to take to improve your life? Do you believe that your love life mirrors how you feel inside?


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